Nuclear Receptors Database Including Negative Data (NR-DBIND): A Database Dedicated to Nuclear Receptors Binding Data Including Negative Data and Pharmacological Profile

Posted by
Manon Reau
on 12 09 2020

Nuclear receptors (NRs) are transcription factors that regulate gene expression in various physiological processes through their interactions with small hydrophobic molecules. They constitute an important class of targets for drugs and endocrine disruptors and are widely studied for both health and environment concerns. Since the integration of negative data can be critical for accurate modeling of ligand activity profiles, we manually collected and annotated NRs interaction data (positive and negative) through a sharp review of the corresponding literature. 15 116 positive and negative interactions data are provided for 28 NRs together with 593 PDB structures in the freely available Nuclear Receptors Database Including Negative Data ( The NR-DBIND contains the most extensive information about interaction data on NRs, which should bring valuable information to chemists, biologists, pharmacologists and toxicologists.

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