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23 02 2024
2 min

Collaborate in real time, with your custom workflow

With research teams located around the world using different scientific tools and systems, it’s almost impossible for projects to avoid data loss, experience communication issues, and miss key insights.

Content Hub - DH - thumbnail - Kanban board-1
14 11 2022
1 min

Kanban in Drug Discovery

A multi-dimensional, searchable, and interactive Kanban board can help the project team to get a comprehensive overview of the ongoing activities.

Content Hub - DH - thumbnail - MMP transformation
30 03 2023
2 mins

What Structures are Claimed in Patents? - Use cases for patent literature MMP transformations

The MMP transformations from SureCHEMBL can be used in different ways to create analogues to a seed compound: Based on the most common transformations: aut

Content Hub - DH - thumbnail - CRO
29 04 2023
1 min

Collaborating with CROs within the DMTA cycle

Important factors when collaborating with a CRO It is becoming increasingly popular for drug discovery companies to outsource parts of the DMTA process to


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Roadblocks of DMTA project success - and how to eliminate them
13 12 2023
3 mins

Roadblocks of DMTA project success - and how to eliminate them

Discover how to navigate complex challenges in your DMTA projects - make informed compound decisions and streamline collaborative efforts in your drug design projects.

Content Hub - DH - thumbnail - Showcase 1
4 mins

Smooth administration while collaborating with CROs

Can you ease the administrative burden on project leads when coordinating with CROs?

Content Hub - DH - thumbnail - Webinar 1-1
3 mins

Compound Design and Synthesis tracking with CROs in the loop

Join us and review typical scenarios of splitting the workload between partners, classification of data, medicinal chemistry challenges and the priorities that these result in.

DMTA lead optimization: Where science meets project management
31 10 2023
3 mins

DMTA lead optimization: Where science meets project management

From hit identification to optimized leads; explore how effective project management techniques can aid drug discovery projects.

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