Chemaxon ELN

Provides a smooth experience in preparing, executing and capturing data of small molecule synthesis experiments


Drive your experiments with data

The ELN is a simple, workflow-centric application that allows chemists to capture data and process their laboratory experiments.

It integrates with your inventory systems, which speeds up the preparation time needed for experiments. The notebook also connects reaction drawings with a reaction table. This provides automatic calculations for obtaining reactant amounts.

Thanks to its user-friendly interface and cloud-based infrastructure, chemists across your teams can use the notebook to collaborate from anywhere.

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Why you need the ELN



Empower your team

The ELN offers a simple interface that allows all team members (including synthetic, medicinal and analytical chemists) to capture experimental data and collaborate with ease.


Scale alongside your needs

The solution can scale towards complexity, amount of data, or the number of your users. The modules are highly customizable.


Access your data remotely

As a cloud-based solution, you can access your data remotely – no matter where you work.


Improve inventory management

LabCup is a modular chemical inventory and laboratory management system that grows with your organization. It can add chemicals by image recognition of product labels, auto-sourcing and parsing of Safety Data Sheet. It also includes digital floor plans for live emergency info, complete equipment booking and asset management modules.




Control user access

Bolster your data security efforts. The ELN application provides user and application access controls, as well as role management, for scientific teams.


Install with ease

The ELN is a pre-integrated solution delivered as software as a service. There is no installation required and you will benefit from high-quality Chemaxon support.


Integrate with your technology stack

The Chemaxon research platform is vendor-agnostic and compatible with 3rd party applications and components.


Rely on built-in chemical intelligence

The underlying Chemaxon chemistry engine provides excellent data representation and search for complex structures, tautomers, stereoisomers, and enantiomers.

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Full featured chemical editor for all platforms

Chemical Naming

Convert chemical names into structures

Markush Technology

Smart assistant for patent claim drafting and Markush analysis

Chemical Structure Representation

Standardization and correction of chemical structures


Calculate properties instantly, search chemical data, and draw molecules online

Compound Registration

Normalize, check, validate and register chemical compounds


High performance virtual synthesis engine

JChem for Office

Chemical structure handling, data analysis, visualization and reporting capabilities within MS Office

Design Hub

A single platform that connects scientific rationale, compound design and computational resources

JChem Engines

Search through tens of millions of chemical compounds and receive relevant query hits in seconds.

Calculators and Predictors

Execute high quality physico-chemical calculations and predictions.

ELN (Electronic Lab Notebook)

Provides a smooth experience in preparing, executing and capturing data of small molecule synthesis experiments

Compliance Checker

Identify controlled substances with Compliance Checker and assign HS tariff codes with cHemTS - the easy way to comply with chemical regulations.

Discovery Tools

From clustering and diversity analysis for chemical libraries to 2D and 3D molecular screening

Instant JChem

Create, explore and share chemical data


Computer-assisted chemical information extraction and analysis

Trainer Engine

Predict molecular properties and boost the efficiency of machine learning workflows.