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Instant JChem (IJC) is an out-of-the-box tool that allows scientists to create, manage and analyze chemical structures and related non-chemical data. It serves as a desktop application that gives a convenient and straightforward approach to the analysis of chemical and biological data. Instant JChem is a database-centric environment that supports query and sorting functionality, and handles large volumes of data (hundreds of thousands of structures), both in local and remote databases- without any additional administration. Its wide ranging functionality includes customizable database views, integration of library enumeration, and dynamic population of columns with singular and combined molecular property and descriptor predictions.

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Why you need Instant JChem


Relational database management tool

Locally supported databases, easily managable schemas, trackable properties and simple sharing


View and search the content of your database

Customizable forms and tables, complex queries, easy export and visualization


Visualization and data analysis

Higlighting data trends with a variety of charts, conditional formatting and data pivoting feature



Public API enables the removal of limitations on box products and allows the support of specific use cases.


Web-based extension

Plexus connect enables access to relational databases managed by Instant JChem in an online environment


Relational database management tool

Instant JChem - using our robust JChem Engine - can support a wide range of relational databases both locally (Derby is bundled) and remotely (Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL etc.). Schemas (database connections) can easily be created and administered, using the data of an existing data warehouse or importing your own data to populate it. (Read more and try data import). Chemical structures will be brought to a standard form, and you can add extra fields with various physical-chemical properties. All this data can be organized into projects, and shared with colleagues with different roles. All users can organize the data in custom views based on their own preference.


View and search the content of the database

The customizable forms and tables in Instant JChem allow users to exhibit and arrange the data based on personal needs. Data rows are easy to sort. Building even complex queries is straightforward in Instant JChem. Duplicate, substructure, full fragment, fragment and superstructure search methods are supported (more about querying). Queries and also selected compound lists can be saved for further use. Finally, exporting capabilities offer to print your results in SD file, MS Excel file, PDF file or any other text formats. The projects can be visualized in a web browser environment too, using our Plexus Connect.


Visualization and data analysis features

The data trends can be highlighted and visualized directly in Instant JChem, while it provides easy access to other tools for detailed data analysis.


Customizability to suit your needs

Public API enables the removal of limitations on box products and allows the support of specific use cases.


Plexus Connect

Web-based extension

  • Plexus Connect is a powerful web-based extension of Instant JChem. It provides access to relational databases managed by Instant JChem in an online environment. Database setup, project management and user administration are through Instant JChem, making Plexus Connect an easy-to-operate tool for end users.

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