Marvin Pro

Draw and publish chemical structures seamlessly with our web-based chemistry editor.


High-quality chemical drawings

Marvin Pro is a drawing tool that combines our chemically intelligent technology with a clean user interface. Chemists, researchers and students can convert their thoughts into high-quality visual representations in no time. Marvin Pro handles a large number of objects – chemical structures, arrows or texts – on a single canvas, and aligns them with precision.


Draw structures rapidly

Chemical editors shouldn’t be complicated. With our intuitive solution, you can transform your chemical structure ideas into clear visuals.


Publication-level visual quality

The quality of your chemical drawing should match the effort you put into your research. Marvin Pro allows you to create high-quality visuals that you can then present to your workplace.


Guided creativity

Let the Marvin Pro canvas become an extension of your mind. Add predefined templates or labels, colour your structures, and insert images from external sources. You can even display the structure’s formula. See more about alignment guidelines.


High-performance web platform

There’s no need to download, install and worry about license keys - you can access the tool in your browser in a few clicks. Marvin Pro uses a web-native file format, Chemaxon Object Notation (CXON). Unlike previous formats, it understands the rich content of your drawings like images and enhanced visuals.

Product types

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For a complete list, see Tools Overview and comparison of Marvin JS and Marvin Pro Feature Sets.

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Web based

Try Marvin Pro's clean user interface and chemical intelligence free on the Chemicalize platform

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Integrated in MS Office

Knowledge Hub


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Eager to improve your chemical drawings?

Marvin Pro empowers students and professionals to create and share chemical structures with ease. If you’d like to see how the solution works, get in touch with us.

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