ChemAxon Assay

Upload, structure and view assay data

The assay data management application provides convenient and automated capabilities to upload, standardize and store processed assay data in a well-structured way. The assay software is seamlessly integrated with Compound Registration and reporting capabilities of Plexus Connect, together forming a fully hosted cloud solution running on the ChemAxon Synergy platform.
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Upload the data

There are three different ways to upload your assay data:

  1. Interactive upload gives full control over the workflow without the need for a template
  2. Fully automatic upload allows pulling files from a specified data folder, e.g. Google Drive, without needing to log into the application. This option is suitable for fully automated HTS data or similar measurements
  3. Semi-automatic upload would speed up routine uploads to a given experiment.

Details of every upload are listed under the Task tab and the application allows to sort and search on the task details (e.g. for title, status, date, user etc).
User role-based access provides a control above the system privileges of your collaborators. External partners can log into the software and submit the data in a safe way without the risk of data leak. Read more about assay data upload.

Semi-automatic assay data upload

Structure the data

You can set up different procedures and parameter types to standardize the assay data before upload:

  • Experimental procedures describe laboratory conditions under which the data was recorded
  • Analysis procedures give information on how the raw data was processed (e.g. curve fitting details)
  • Parameters specify which data was collected (e.g. pIC50, minimal concentration, Hill slope)
  • Validation rules and aggregation logic are set per parameter and procedures

There is also an option to use MS Excel file templates for automated data upload. Read more about procedures and parameters.

Standardize assay data

View the captured data

Both aggregated and non-aggregated data can be browsed, searched and exported in a basic built-in viewer. The possibility to synchronize data with any standard database, along with API web service, allows for further advanced reporting tools like Plexus Connect.

Assay data uploader interface