Markush Editor

Smart assistant for patent claim drafting and Markush analysis

Creating a patent claim that covers all of the desired compounds, without any overlap with prior-art documents, can be a challenging task and a huge responsibility. Markush Editor assists you in all the steps of the drafting process, saves a lot of time and effort, and helps to create strong, high-quality claims.

Composing Markush structures

From a list of compounds, you can automatically generate an initial Markush structure. All generalization and modification can be done in an intuitive editor using the clear and easy-to-use hierarchical R-group representation. During manual modifications, the automatic analysis identifies any mistakes or inconsistencies, and gives instant feedback about the coverage of your Markush structure. Furthermore, exporting to claim text format saves hours of time by automatic generation of the backbone of your claims and avoids any mistakes in R-group definitions. Markush Editor features exclusive and efficient tools for all Markush-related tasks.

Creating a Markush structure based on a list of compounds is the first step in your Markush claim drafting process. Markush Editor can find the optimal scaffold and generate all R-group definitions automatically. Even for hundreds of structures, the automatic generation takes only seconds. Various Markush features and the main parameters of the generation process can easily be configured according to your requirements or preference.

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Markush Composer configuarations in Markush Editor

Hierarchic R-group representation

The Markush Editor offers a unique, hierarchical "tree-like" visualization of R-group relationships in Markush structures, making navigating through R-groups and understanding a Markush structure much easier. All the nodes of the Markush "tree" are editable, while ensuring that any modification is intuitive and safe.

Canvas of Markush Editor with the tree-like visualization

Interactive Markush analysis

During drafting your claims, it is essential to know whether your compounds are covered by the Markush structure or not. To achieve this, lists of molecules can be loaded into Markush Editor, and the considered Markush structure can be continuously validated against these compounds. This analysis follows all modifications, so the editor will show real-time feedback about the matching of the compounds and the Markush structure. An advanced visualization makes it straightforward to see the matching elements, and also to find the non-matching parts, both in a compound and the Markush structure. Any logical errors, like missing R-groups or circular references are also highlighted.

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Edit R-group definations in Markush Editor

Generating Markush claims text

At the end of the day, you want to see your claim in the form of a scaffold image followed by the text description of your R-groups. Markush editor can generate this document with the R-group definition lists, and helps to avoid any manual errors. Instead of time-consuming and error-prone task of listing all relevant substituents correctly, you can focus on the perfect legal wording of your claims.

Markush enumeration in Markush Editor