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Marvin Live

Information rich design and idea management platform

Marvin Live is an application developed to break the boundaries of drug design by integrating a wide array of knowledge bases and calculated properties into a single platform. The prompt display of supportive data provided with real-time plugins, facilitates hypothetical compound triage and balancing compound quality attributes. As a central idea repository for project teams offering capabilities like: sorting, grouping, prioritizing, status tracking and downstream services; Marvin Live is an agile solution for drug design and idea management.
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Integrated data driven approach

Marvin Live offers an agnostic plugin service to ship a set of applications for idea generation, assessment and management into a single space tailored for chemist needs. This plugin technology opens up possibilities to exploit in-house, ChemAxon or third-party models, workflow engines (KNIME, Pipeline Pilot), mining internal or external data sources (chemical and biological databanks), utilize downstream services (ELN experiment sheet creation) to name some. Based on the actual needs during the design stage, virtually any web service or database connection point can be integrated and dynamically used. Real-time plugins bring immediate attention to particular priorities, while Marvin Live acts as a broker for resource intensive calculations.
  • translate Mining SciFinder, Reaxys, ChEMBL, SureChEMBL, Corporate assay DB, Legislations, Registration
  • find_in_page Exploring Med. chem. descriptors, QSAR models, Conformation, 3D overlays, Similarities, KNIME workflows, Pipeline Pilot protocol
  • mode_edit Planning Reactions,Inventory,eMolecules,MolPort,Export to ELN,Export to Registration,Export to PP

Space for collaboration

Marvin Live offers both individual (private) idea repositories and collaborative (public) spaces. Thereby, it serves the need for intense meeting preparation help by collecting ideas, checking available knowledge, preparing reaction schemes as background materials- like in a notebook, and sharing the most viable outcome with a team- via importing entries from a private space or project team room. Collaborative space is a meeting platform where members and contributors of research project teams can share and discuss ideas. The space offers: instantaneous molecule and revision sharing across teams, versioning of ideas - called snapshots, tracking selected ideas in a compound series, and at the top level it supports authenticated domains - Where research departments can connect with their partners and drive projects forward in a secure manner. Marvin Live provides a quick way to refine ideas, just the right time, invite colleagues for brainstorming sessions, joint design meetings, or regular review and planning meetings. The built-in meeting assistant takes care of everyday administration tasks, such as; preparing relevant data, storing important ideas, and even writing meeting reports.