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Controlled substance detection

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Your Challenge

One of the most important business management challenges for chemistry departments is dealing with controlled substance compliance. Controlled substances are compounds which are subject to legislation for their production, import/export, supply, usage, possession and disposal – for example, narcotics, psychotropic drugs, explosives, hazardous materials and toxic agents. Legislation at local, national and international levels is becoming increasingly complex, as well as varying widely in its form and the frequency of updates. R&D departments of pharmaceutical companies and other life science organizations are among those who must comply.

Our Solution

Since companies across the industry routinely work with controlled chemicals, it is essential to have adequate systems in place to verify whether the compounds they produce, purchase, store or transport fall under any controlled substances regulations. ChemAxon offers a solution where the legislations’ content is combined with a software system that automatically checks compounds against the selected region’s regulations.

Chemical compliance on the web

Our web-based solution is very easily integrable via web services to any other system, like to the corporate electronic laboratory notebook (ELN). We offer fast single and batch check as well. The input for checking a single compound can be a structure or its traditional name, SMILES or CAS number. The most common file types (SDF, MRV, SMILES, text etc.) are accepted as input for checking multiple structures simultaneously in batch mode. The checking system is combined with a content package that is regularly updated. Our solution includes a global coverage for publicly available regulations.

Chemistry outsourced - working with CROs

Many of the R&D operations of parent companies are outsourced to contract research organizations (CROs), often located in other countries. Before starting the work with a CRO, all companies need to check the relevant regulations. Although some Big Pharma companies may have developed internal measures to satisfy this need, a more thorough, robust and consistent system that helps maintain compliance, regardless of geographic location, and will adapt with the rapidly changing legislation requirements, is highly desirable. This will allow support not only to R&D, but other business functions such as purchasing, shipping, legal and forensics departments.

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