ChemAxon Software is Integrated into ChemPass's Novel Drug Design Platform

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on 03 09 2018

BUDAPEST, Hungary and BOSTON, December 5, 2017/PRNewswire/--

ChemAxon and ChemPass, jointly announce that several ChemAxon software components and toolkits are incorporated into ChemPass' artificial intelligence design technology platform; and also, into the SynSpace software that has specifically been designed for medicinal chemists.

ChemPass built its new design software applying ChemAxon components that handle fundamental cheminformatics tasks and enable users to work with industry leading standard capabilities within SynSpace. Features such as; chemical drawing, structure checking and standardization, searching and enumeration - are all powered by the ChemAxon functionality as part of a long-term collaboration. As a result of the partnership, medicinal chemists and users alike will now have a platform that can expand the synthesizable chemical space for their projects while utilizing familiar industry standard methods.

Dr. Gergely Makara, CEO of ChemPass says; "We are very pleased with the scientific support ChemAxon provided and the flexibility of their cheminformatics components we have built into our technology. It enabled us to focus on the development of our core technologies, the synthetic artificial intelligence, synthesis know-how and design technology. The partnership with ChemAxon significantly accelerated the development progress, therefore SynSpace is now becoming available for all in the Cloud - bringing synthetic chemists closer to chemoinformatic solutions."

ChemAxon's CEO, Dr. Ferenc Csizmadia adds, "We believe that both our customers benefit from the collaboration and software integration. The ChemPass software has great potential in the medicinal chemistry design field and their unique scientific approach can help all users generate new ideas and develop novel leads and clinical candidates - And, ChemAxon will be able to assist drug discovery practitioners via a new avenue."

About ChemAxon 

ChemAxon is a leader in providing cheminformatics software platforms and desktop applications for the chemistry, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries. We provide interaction with users and software portability to create powerful, cost effective cross platform solutions that power modern cheminformatics and chemical communication. The company is privately owned with European headquarters in Budapest, US East Coast headquarters in Cambridge, MA and sales and support offices in EuropeJapan and across North America.

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About ChemPass

ChemPass is an artificial intelligence design technology company focusing on the development of software solutions that help chemists and medicinal chemists generate ideas, design novel scaffolds or lead analogs, and reach a significantly expanded synthesizable chemical space. For further information please visit or contact Gergely Makara at