Chemaxon’s new logo

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on 03 03 2022

We are so happy to share Chemaxon’s new brand! It has been 24 years since we started, and from time to time we feel the need to update our visual identity.

Old and new ChemAxon logos side by side

Chemaxon’s logo (and spelling!) is changing, as well as online platforms as you will gradually see. Hopefully live events will soon return worldwide, where you will also see us in these brand new colors. You can follow the steps of Chemaxon’s evolution here: Illustration shows evolution of ChemAxon logo

Our design goal was to better match our look to our values and the customers we serve.The logo takes a unique approach by using simple lines in expressive ways that reflect our exciting and dynamic organization. The subtle illustration in the logo conveys a sense of creativity to match the brand’s ever-evolving products. The color orange brings a sense of warmth, making the brand feel more welcoming. The rounded edges express our friendly, humanistic approach to the complex field of life sciences.

We hope you like our new look and feel. Look out for more updates—like an updated look in our products and social media and a brand-new website coming soon—as we continue to improve our customers and partners’ experience using Chemaxon.