Leaving the last remains of Java web technology behind - Marvin drops support for Java Web Start

Posted by
Eufrozina Hoffmann
on 03 09 2019

We have announced the discontinuation of Marvin Applets two years ago, handing over the web-based chemical editor functionalities to Marvin JS. However, Marvin Java Web Start (JWS) still filled the void for users who wanted an alternative of the extinct Java Applets.

In the meantime, Java Web Start technology was deprecated in Java SE 9, and it got completely removed from JAVA 11, Oracle’s long term supported release. Thus it is impossible to run Java Web Start based applications - such as MarvinSketch JWS - if the latest version of Java is installed. Besides, Oracle changed its licensing and support model1 and encourages developers relying on JWS deployment to migrate to other solutions.

In alignment with these changes, from the 1st of September 2019, Marvin Java Web Start version will be discontinued.

We suggest that MarvinSketch users, still relying on the Java Web Start technology, should consider migrating to Marvin JS, a cutting-edge, light-weight, fast and easy-to-use drawing tool on the web. To help with this, we have created a comparative analysis providing additional details on the differences between the MarvinSketch JWS and Marvin JS. You can also find live developer examples and tutorial videos for users that help the transition.

If you have further technical questions, you can reach us on the marvin-js-support@chemaxon.com; if you have an inquiry about your licenses you can contact our colleagues on sales@chemaxon.com.