Marvin Licensing Update

Posted by
on 03 09 2021

As you probably know, we have begun rolling out updates on Marvin licenses earlier this year. We would like to improve your experience, and collect information (anonymously of course) on our users’ habits and patterns in using MarvinSketch.

For users that access MarvinSketch independently, this will be straightforward. For our users that access Marvin through KNIME, this will be easy but require you to obtain a license to use Marvin all the same.

There are 3 cases when you are using Marvin within KNIME

1) You use KNIME, and you also use Marvin for other activities. In this case you will have already obtained the license, and can go ahead with your sketching.

2) You use KNIME, and your company also uses Marvin for other activities, but you don't have a license. In this case, contact your system administrator and ask them for a Marvin license - which you will be able to use to log in to the node and go ahead with your sketching.

3) You use KNIME, but neither you nor your company use Marvin. In this case, you must get a MarvinSketch license. Please follow the steps of the download page. For Marvin users, there are two options to use the drawing tool. While commercial licenses remain entirely confidential, we collect data on usage patterns of our non-commercial users. Please select the relevant option from our download page and let us know if you have any questions or comments.

screenshot of download marvin