ChemAxon Provides Direct Link from MarvinSketch to Google Scholar and Google Patents

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on 03 09 2021

One-click access from the MarvinSketch chemical editor to the wealth of information indexed by Google gives researchers an immediate view of publications and prior art related to structures of interest, delivering insights and spurring innovation.

Budapest, April 2021 - ChemAxon, a leading chemical and biological software development company providing solutions for the pharma and biotech industries and academia, today announced the addition of a direct link from its popular and widely deployed chemical editor MarvinSketch to the vast stores of scientific and other published information indexed by Google and accessed via the freely available Google Scholar and Google Patents.

As scientists design potential new drugs and other chemical entities, they want to build on existing knowledge, gain new insights, and avoid problems such as adverse toxicity, difficult syntheses, or patent protection. The sooner they can access such relevant information the better, and an optimal place to do this is while the new structure is being drawn in a chemical editor like ChemAxon’s MarvinSketch. The new Google search button in MarvinSketch immediately sends the drawn structure as a query to Google Scholar and/or Google Patents so that the researcher can check what has been published about the compound, and what patent prior art might exist.

Eufrozina Hoffmann, Product Director at ChemAxon said “Our customers wanted to take advantage of Google’s powerful chemical search capabilities to examine relevant publications and patents, but the previous access method from MarvinSketch involving generating a SMILES string and cutting/pasting it into Google was proving cumbersome and time-consuming. We worked with Google to develop this new time-saving feature and are sure that our customers will benefit from it.”

Greg Landrum, ETH Zürich, added “I was happy to learn that I could directly search Google Patents from inside of MarvinSketch. I've been using the chemistry search in Google Patents/Scholar since the team announced it back in 2019, but it's so much easier to access this fantastic resource from inside the sketcher.”

In addition to searching for an exact structure match, the Google chemical search engine allows for substructure and similarity searches, and these options can be specified at search time, as well as limiting the search to Google Scholar or Google Patents. This new Google chemical search button in MarvinSketch is a direct way to search in Google Patents and Scholar in a chemical editor, and was developed in close collaboration between ChemAxon and Google. The new button is available to all licensed customers, from release 20.16.