Rapid chemical intelligence for your web

Posted by
Eufrozina Hoffmann
on 03 09 2019

The new Chemicalize Pro made its debut on the market recently, offering a wide range of cheminformatics solutions as embeddable web components and hosted back-end services. It’s an exceptionally useful tool for enhancing your web-based environment, with several applications that are as easy to embed as a YouTube video.

Currently the service offers quick help in four areas:

  1. Chemical drawing with Marvin JS including backend for 2D/3D clean, import/export, and stereo calculations.
  2. Chemical search with JChem Engines lets you upload chemical libraries and enables users to run substructure and similarity searches online - With simple and intuitive collection management GUI and REST API.
  3. Physico-chemical calculations and predictions; like pKa, logP, logD, solubility, NMR, etc; can be integrated to your web platform very easily via our REST API.
  4. Check system for controlled substance compliance. It helps to identify international regulations when shipping chemicals.

In addition, you won’t need to fret about deployment, licensing, maintenance, or version updates: all services are managed by ChemAxon and hosted on the highly available AWS infrastructure of the Chemicalize platform.

The new service persuaded us to make some changes in our FreeWeb licensing also. With the help of Chemicalize Pro, it becomes seamless to embed Marvin JS in your website. Meaning that instead of licensing our chemical editor component, we will direct users, building a non-commercial website, to Chemicalize Pro. Therefore, there won’t be any unnecessary license update hassle. Other components of the FreeWeb package will remain unchanged.