Synthesis of Jacaranone-Derived Nitrogenous Cyclohexadienones and Their Antiproliferative and Antiprotozoal Activities

Posted by
Marcel Kaiser
on 12 09 2019

The cytotoxic and antiprotozoal activities of the phytoquinoide, jacaranone, and related compounds have been an ongoing topic in recent drug discovery. Starting from the natural product-derived cyclohexadienone scaffold, a series of nitrogen-containing derivatives were synthesized and subsequently evaluated for their antiproliferative and antiprotozoal activity. Anticancer potency was analyzed using different types of cancer cell lines: MDA-MB-231 breast cancer, CCRF-CEM leukemia, HCT-116 colon cancer, U251 glioblastoma, and, in addition, non-tumorigenic MRC-5 lung fibroblasts. Antiproliferative activities at micromolar concentrations could be shown. Antiprotozoal activity was assessed against Plasmodium falciparum NF54 and Trypanosoma brucei rhodesiense STIB900. For all compounds, selectivity indices (SI) were calculated based on assessed cytotoxicity towards L6 cells. In addition, the structure-activity-relationships and physicochemical parameters of these compounds are discussed.

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