Visualizing complex compounds in lab research - matching ELN with hosted Marvin JS for digitization

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on 12 09 2020

Visualizing complex compounds in lab research - matching ELN with hosted Marvin JS for digitization

Ljubljana, Slovenia - Budapest, Hungary, November 2019

SciNote LLC, one of the leading companies in the field of laboratory digitalization, offering a web-based electronic lab notebook (ELN) that is top-ranked in the industry has integrated ChemAxon’s hosted Marvin JS service with unparalleled expertise in SaaS chemical sketching. The intuitive drawing and visualization tool from ChemAxon, Marvin JS, seamlessly connects with SciNote. SaaS is the strategic go-to solution in all suitable SciNote products.

SciNote supports scientific work with comprehensive data management, inventory management, and team collaboration capabilities. It supports laboratories in meeting the GLP, 21 CFR Part 11, and even FAIR principles requirements.

The integration with hosted Marvin JS enables scientists to draw molecules directly in SciNote’s interface as they work on their experiments. Marvin JS is developed for simple integration, to pair with web applications or ELNs. Scientists can draw complex antibiotics, peptides, and even visualize chemical reactions.

Additionally, Marvin JS recognizes common names for compounds and draws them for users seamlessly. It has the ability to modify bonds, visualize different stereoisomers and make personalized shortcuts to optimize workflows and save time.

Ferenc Csizmadia, CEO at ChemAxon commented, “We're pleased to announce the first use case of this kind, where Marvin JS was hosted through Chemicalize Pro and integrated into a third-party application to SciNote's ELN. Our unique partnership with SciNote not only makes the workflow for our joint users easier but also highlights how future partnerships of this kind are beneficial. ”

"At SciNote we strive to empower scientists by enabling them to save time and make sure all their data is traceable. One of the cornerstones of our strategy is to integrate with other tools that scientists use on a daily basis and are happy with. By integrating with Chemaxon our users can now draw chemical formulas directly within SciNote, using the Marvin JS, advanced software that Chemaxon has built for this purpose. We are happy that our partners at Chemaxon share our vision and are very excited to make the integration available to our users." Klemen Zupancic, CEO SciNote

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SciNote is a top-rated solution used by 60k+ scientists in 100+ countries. It offers electronic lab notebook, project, team, inventory and data management functionalities. SciNote is suitable for academia and industry, and for labs who need to meet GLP and 21 CFR part 11 compliance requirements. Its users highly value SciNote’s best rated customer support and personalized onboardings that help entire lab teams stay motivated and implement the solution successfully.

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