7 Years of ChemAxon at Evotec - choices and possibilities

presentation · 9 years ago
by Ian Berry (Evotec)

"In this presentation, I will discuss some of the history of cheminformatics at Evotec, why we chose ChemAxon as our primary supplier of chemistry tools and why we are still happy with them! I will show some case studies to show how we are using ChemAxon tools:

  • Registration – we are using ChemAxon tools to validate structures and perform overlap searches to ensure we ensure exclusivity of our clients compounds;
  • Compound Sourcing – we have our own internal compound sourcing system connected to our ERP system using ChemAxon tools on the web, property calculators. To load supplier catalogues, we are heavily using Standardizer and Structure Checker to ensure that the structures are correct;

Project databases – we are using Instant JChem to provide hosted databases for all of our projects, allowing chemists and biologists to upload and share data across sites;

  • Excel – we are using JChem for Excel to facilitate the transfer of structural data internally, along with ideas capture and SAR analysis functions"