An application of ChemAxon's platform for education

presentation · 3 years ago
by Erika Biró, Aurora Costache (ChemAxon)
Marvin JS Zosimos

Online tools for chemical education are widely used in the last decade. Several state of the art homework and test systems are available for chemistry online learning. Most of these applications are based on chemistry textbooks and uses well-curated questions created by professionals to help students to master a certain division of chemistry.
Our ultimate goal is to support online learning and help students practice and master chemistry and biochemistry. ChemAxon’s learning platform has a friendly and intuitive interface to easily create and share online learning materials. Tools like Marvin JS, BioEddie and JChem Base are used to automatically evaluate and grade student’s assignments.
ChemAxon provides an open cloud-based learning hub to enhance classroom collaboration and increase the effectiveness of learning. This online learning platform is a powerful tool to help teachers in coaching students based on progress tracking.

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