Searching Project Team Documents with D2DB

presentation · 7 years ago
by Kevin Clark (Genentech)
JChem Cartridge Document to Database Marvin JS

At Genentech as in many other biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, therapeutic project teams generate many documents during the course of a project. These documents contain valuable information that are not readily searchable using a database. In addition to project updates, these documents contain valuable information about proposals and resolutions to problems encountered by the team. For example, they may contain information on how a team solved a particular issue with hERG, clearance, or solubility. The challenge is finding relevant concepts and content for today’s projects that have been investigated by other teams in the past. To address this we developed a text searching solution using Apache’s SOLR search platform and are presently evaluating ChemAxon’s D2DB application to provide structure searching capability across this project team document collection. An overview of our solution and results of the D2DB evaluation are presented.

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