Approaches for extraction and "digital chromatography" of chemical data - a perspective from the RSC

presentation · 10 years ago
by Antony Williams, Colin Batchelor, David Sharpe, Valery Tkachenko, Kenneth Karapetyan, Richard Kidd (Royal Society of Chemistry)
The traditional perception of the publishing process has been that it culminates in a print article. The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) has for many years been acutely aware that there is a wealth of information contained in scientific communications that we publish and that its true value can only be unlocked by enabling the discovery of the data within them. This is challenging due to the variety of ways that scientists provide data, textually, graphically, and increasingly in supplementary information. This talk will outline how the RSC has applied innovative approaches, developed both internally and externally, to identifying important chemical data within the literature and provides tools to anyone using chemical data to analyse and improve its quality. Examples will include: Project Prospect, the Experimental Data Checker, our CIF data importer, ChemSpider and our structure validation and standardization service.