BARD: BioAssay Research Database

presentation · 7 years ago
by Phil Montgomery (Broad Institute)
JChem Base Biologics Registration

Over the past five years the NIH has been funding the Molecular Libraries program, a large scale effort to screen a single compound collection across a wide range of many assays. In the course of this program, the Members of the MLP, identified a need for improved access to the data being produced.

BARD is an effort to try and open up the data that has been collected by the Molecular Libraries program, but this same problem exists in any collaboration between parties who are producing data from screening compounds and those who wish to use that data. Whether it be, looking up known activity of compounds, or getting access to cross-assay information for data mining and analysis, lowering the effort it takes to exchange data, enables uses previously not feasible.

In part, due to way that the MLP is distributed across multiple organizations, it has provided us with many points of interaction with other interested groups from the community. We all share the common the goal of improving communication across all of our efforts.

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