Building pathways to the world's disclosed scientific research

presentation · 8 years ago
by Roger Schenck (Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS))
CAS, the world's authority for chemical information, continues to see growth in patent applications, especially from Asia. Underscoring the fact that nearly half of the new substance registrations in 2011 came from patents, in May of 2011 CAS reported that the 60 millionth CAS Registry NumberĀ® was assigned to a novel substance from a Chinese patent application. As more and more chemical information is generally being published in patents, this presentation will cover how CAS is keeping up with this rapid growth. A description of how CAS scientists extract chemical information, including the tools they use, how incomplete descriptions of the chemistry and inconsistencies are addressed, and quality assurance protocols will be covered. The processing of Markush representations will be described. The talk will end with a few examples of how customers access this content in the CAS databases. Download slides