Building the Bioinformatic Platform for Drug Discovery at Flatley Discovery Lab

presentation · 6 years ago
by Jin Sui (Flatley Discovery)
JChem Cartridge

Building a suitable bioinformatic platform for small molecule R&D with high throughput screening (HTS) is challenging for a small biotech startup with limited experiences and resource. At Flatley Discovery Lab, we started with desktop-based data process and library management applications in our initial chemical library build-up and HTS data processing. We have grown into an Oracle-based system, and implemented additional commercial packages on the platform. The system is designed and tailored to meet exactly the need of our biologists and chemists. With desktop-based component remains to be the front end for HTS raw data processing and data QC, advanced data analysis and visualization tools are introduced to support our SAR and lead development efforts. In only a few years since its inception, Flatley Discovery Lab has discovered several exciting CFTR modulators in the development pipeline toward a new and efficacious treatment for Cystic Fibrosis.

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