ChemAxon Plexus: A desktop application using web technology

presentation · 8 years ago
by András Strácz (ChemAxon)

We introduce ChemAxon Plexus, a new web application that integrates ChemAxon's discovery tools into a clean and user friendly desktop tool for chemists. Launch features focus on compound library design and the tools supporting this; database management, chemical searching, library enumeration, phys-chem property calculation, virtual synthesis and similarity searching. We describe the integration of existing products, and a fresh take on their user interfaces to make them easier to use while keeping the essence and utility intact. We demo Plexus and its simplified Markush structure editor, a user interface for virtual screening and how effortless reaction setup can be.

Andras Stracz (ChemAxon) - ChemAxon Plexus A desktop application using web technology