ChemAxon's naming technology to accelerate extraction of chemical information from unstructured data

presentation · 3 years ago
by Daniel Bonniot de Ruisselet, Erwan David (ChemAxon, DEXSTR)

Nowadays, most research activities generate an enormous amount of data. Some might say, an unmanageable amount. Mostly, it's data in a variety of file types that do not have a consistent structure, making it near impossible to collate, query or identify with any kind of efficiency. We call this kind of data 'unstructured data'.

Inquiro is design to cope with this unstructured data and transform it into information.

Now, thanks to the integration of ChemAxon modules into Inquiro, you can detect hidden chemical information from this mass of data. You can ask question to these data like What is all we know about a specific substance like Lapatinib? and see how this substance connects with diseases and biomarkers in your research data.

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