ChemAxon's technology integration for efficient Patent searches and IP landscape analyses

presentation · 3 years ago
by Aurelie Brunet (ChemAxon, Questel)
JChem Base Marvin JS JChem

Founded in 1978, Questel developed the first ever online patent search service. Today, with premises in Europe, US, and Asia, it has become a worldwide leader through an active acquisition strategy and constant innovations. Determined to continually make services more efficient, Questel started a collaboration with Chemaxon nearly 2 years ago, with the ambition to render chemical searches in patent databases straightforward, as well as extricate valuable scientific knowledge readily for patent readers. With now fully integrated Chemaxon’s modules in Orbit Intelligence and Orbit Intellixir, the challenge has been met! Helping everyday IP professionals and R&D experts retrieve relevant patents easily, decipher at a glance its crucial chemistry knowledge, as well as draw out market evolution trends on their patent and non-patent literature.

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