This presentation gives an overall understanding about ChemAxon's Chemical Terms which is a simple but extensible language, a general interface to combine chemical functions for various cheminformatics purposes. Briefly the Chemical Terms enables the software programs to extend their "chemical intelligence". On the first slides of the presentation you can read about the problems that belong to the topic of the Chemical Terms. The related questions are listed within four categories: virtual reactions, filtering, pharmacophore mapping and random evolutionary de Novo drug design. The following slides give the answers for these questions presenting the development of the Chemical Terms functionality to solve the above mentioned chemical problems. Afterwards you can read about the Chemical Terms' function examples including substructure matching, chemical calculations, the calculation of returning molecules and combining functions in the tools. In the end of this part of the presentation the Chemical Terms Editor is introduced in a few words. The major part of the presentation focuses on the ChemAxon applications that the Chemical Terms functionality is built in. The Instant JChem, the filters of the Pipeline Pilot, the Reactor, the Metabolizer are mentioned in this section. Finally an overview of the upcoming Chemical Terms features is discussed in three major groups: simplified syntax, simplified editing and new functionalities.

American Chemical Society Spring meeting, March 25-29th, 2007