Compliance for Controlled Substances - staying out of jail

presentation · 7 years ago
by Aurora Costache (ChemAxon)
Compliance Checker

In the recent years the life sciences industries worldwide are dealing with controlled substance compliance and the production and handling of these substances is highly regulated due to concerns regarding their negative effect on human health and the environment. Legislation at local, national and international levels is becoming increasingly complex and the R&D departments of pharmaceutical companies and other life sciences organizations are, of course, not exempt from these regulations. During the age of externalization and collaboration, when much of the R&D operations of the parent companies are being outsourced to Contract Research Organizations (CROs), often located in other countries, the controlled substance process becomes even more complicated. The responsible organizations need to make sure that their compounds satisfy the legislations of the countries where these CROs operate. Compliance Checker offers you a solution for this business management challenge. Compliance Checker is a web-based state of the art system using chemical intelligence that allows you to perform fast searches (by structure, names, SMILES strings, synonyms, CAS / DEA numbers, etc.) against a constantly maintained, high quality legislation database covering a wide geographical area, to verify if the compounds you produce, store or transport fall under any regulations described by law. In this talk the main functionality of Compliance Checker will be revealed, but also case studies on how easily it can be deployed in any type of organizations (eg. integrate it in third party applications like Electronic Laboratory Notebooks - ELN).

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