The European Lead Factory is an EU-led initiative, part of the IMI program, involving pharmaceutical companies, academic organizations, contract research organizations and public bodies to collaborate on early-stage drug discovery. Part of this initiative is to generate a Joint European Compound Collection (JECC) that can be used for screening. 300,000 compounds were supplied by the pharmaceutical members and a further 200,000 compounds were to be added using novel combinatorial libraries sourced from design proposals from the project partners and external parties.

ChemAxon’s role has been to create a web portal for submission and assessment of proposals for these libraries. This web portal was built by ChemAxon consultancy and is hosted and managed by ChemAxon. This portal has now been in operation for over three years and has been pivotal in generating novel library proposals that have gone on to be synthesized and added to the JECC. As the project draws to a successful close we report on how this was achieved and on some lessons learned. Download slides