Farewell, PipelinePilot : Migrating the Exquiron cheminformatics platform to KNIME and the ChemAxon technology

presentation · 7 years ago
by Serge P. Parel (Exquiron)
JChem Cartridge KNIME

As a service provider for hit identification, Exquiron needs to offer a state-of-the-art cheminformatics, data analysis and reporting platform to their clients. For historical reasons, this platform was based, until recently, on Accelrys' PipelinePilot. An effort was started end of 2013 to evaluate and migrate all required workflows to the KNIME platform using the Infocom/ChemAxon nodes. With the help of the ChemAxon consulting team and support from KNIME, complex protocols were successfully migrated to the new environment. The presentation will highlight two specific examples of this effort.

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