French Academic Compound Library: the "Chimiothèque Nationale"

presentation · 7 years ago
by Anh Kiet Tran Minh (Centre National pour la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS))
Instant JChem
Created in September 2003, the "Chimiothèque Nationale" (CN) - French Academic Compound Library - has for mission to federate collections of synthesis products, natural compounds and natural extracts available in French academic laboratories and to promote their scientific and industrial valorisation. Information concerning available molecules and extracts are contained in two databases (synthesis products, natural compounds and natural extracts), accessible through a web portal ( The compounds database currently refers about 50,000 molecules coming from 30 French academic laboratories. The chemical compound database is built on Oracle database and IDBS tools (ActivityBase and ChemXtra). ChemAxon tools are also integrated in the CN information system : Marvin applet and calculator plugins. For several reasons (including software maintenance costs and evolutivity), we decided recently to evaluate the possibility to move to ChemAxon tools (JChem, JChem Cartridge and Standardizer). I will show you the present and future (expected) use of ChemAxon tools in the CN information system.

Anh Kiet Tran Minh (CNRS) - French Academic Compound Library: the “Chimiothèque Nationale”