How to use Instant JChem as a lab notebook?

presentation · 3 years ago
by Ákos Tarcsay, Péter Ábrányi-Balogh (ChemAxon, Hungarian Academy of Sciences)
Instant JChem

The dynamically growing and developing Medicinal Chemistry Research Group of the HAS Research Centre for Natural Sciences has encountered the question: Which electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) to use in order to have a common, shared knowledge of reactions and also to incorporate the database of chemicals owned by the research group.

This database was managed in the ChemAxon product InstantJChem (IJC), therefore it was obvious that the desired ELN should be able to be connected with it. The colleagues of ChemAxon were open for the request, and developed a surface that can be used as a basic ELN satisfying the demands of this particular research group. The ELN surface is able to register the reactions, building blocks, products, targets, projects as it will be presented.

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