Instant JChem and Plexus - an emerging story

presentation · 9 years ago
by Aurora Costache (ChemAxon)
Instant JChem Plexus Instant JChem Web Client

ChemAxon introduced two web based tools with the 6.0 version: the Plexus project and the Instant JChem Web Client. In this presentation we will overview what is common in these tools, what are the differences and how we plan to develop them in the future.

Instant JChem (IJC), ChemAxon’s data management tool, significantly improved its end-user interface during the past year. One of the major changes is the new web based front end. The new web client interface allows you to browse, query and export your scientific data directly from any web browser in order to access, analyze, report and share data in a more efficient manner via the web. The new interface preserves the functionalities available in IJC desktop client, so your data can be displayed in the web browser in the same fashion. In this session you will learn about this new web based front end and how you can integrate it with other ChemAxon’s and third parties tools (MS Office, Spotfire, etc.) to perform your day-by-day tasks more rapidly. Also, you’ll learn about the new features added to our IJC desktop tool (IJC face-lift, export and text searching improved capabilities, are just few examples).

We introduce ChemAxon Plexus, a new web application that integrates ChemAxon’s discovery tools into a clean and user friendly desktop tool for chemists. Launch features focus on compound library design and the tools supporting this; database management, chemical searching, library enumeration, phys-chem property calculation, virtual synthesis and similarity searching. We describe the integration of existing products, and a fresh take on their user interfaces to make them easier to use while keeping the essence and utility intact. We demo Plexus and its simplified Markush structure editor, a user interface for virtual screening and how effortless reaction setup can be.

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