Integrated ChemAxon chemistry in the Next Generation R&D Cloud

presentation · 8 years ago
by Steve Yemm (Core Informatics)

Modern R&D organizations are rapidly adopting cloud-based IT infrastructures as they externalize a growing segment of operations spanning product research, discovery, and development. This is particularly evident in the life sciences industries where companies are moving from centralised, corporate-based facilities to a virtual network of contract research, development, and manufacturing organizations (CRDMOs), and academic institutions and corporate partners to enable product discovery and development.

Software providers possessing commercial cloud-based infrastructures and services are poised to meet the needs of the life science industry as this externalized, collaborative IT paradigm shift matures. What is presented is a platform technology with the capability to integrate the use of ChemAxon chemistry with disparate data (LIMS, federated systems, data warehouses, ERPs, ELNs) while providing security measures that enable remote access across a range of devices for employees, and restricted access for CRDMOs.

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