Marvin JS is a novel light-weight chemical editor suitable for generating standard chemical structures without the need for installing Java, designed by ChemAxon. It provides all the essential features for quick and easy structure drawing as well as flexible editing options for molecular manipulations. Pearson Education is partnering with ChemAxon to develop a custom educational version of Marvin JS to be used in Pearson's chemical tutorial platform, MasteringChemistry.
This educational version of Marvin JS separates out various tools into "presets" to match specific answer types that Pearson authors have designed - skeletal 2D problems, skeletal 3D problems and mechanism problems. For example, tools necessary for drawing mechanisms will only be available for those problems that ask the student to draw a mechanism. In additional, authors will be able to set specific initialization parameters for individual problems such as "show lone pairs" or "show R,S labels". This higher level of feature control allows authors to better regulate what students are able to see and able to do in the drawing tool, minimizing opportunities for mistakes (using the wrong templates for example) or cheating (using R,S labels to answer a stereochemistry question). Pearson will offer this custom version of Marvin JS for Organic and General Chemistry drawing items both for desktop and for mobile beginning in January 2014.

Download slides here