Migrating a legacy platform from the "DOS age" to Instant JChem - easier than expected

presentation · 8 years ago
by Brian Kreiser, Péter Cseh (ChemAxon, Niels Clauson-Kaas)
Instant JChem

A user’s story on a successful transition into the modern era: Niels Clauson-Kaas A/S, a small contract research and development organisation, created a reaction database in 1990. The database program ChemBase was chosen as the platform and were considered very sophisticated for that time and we were fully able of doing both structure and substructure searches. Efforts were made to archive all the reactions done since 1956, where the company was founded, into the database, and today the database consists of more than 58 years of accumulated knowledge. Time passed, the standard formats for storing chemistry electronically developed, and dos as an operating system disappeared. Today we are forced to use a DOS emulator in order to keep accessing and maintaining the database, using standard Windows operating system – this is not an ideal solution, but it works. Attempts over the years to transform the ChemBase database into something more modern failed, as the knowledge on how to translate the electronically stored information was lost. The Database, now consisting of more than 8000 reactions, was maintained in DOS until recently, where ChemAxon took on the challenge to migrate the data to Instant JChem, and was successful.

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