Mission impossible? Computer aided extraction of generic chemical structures from patents: A critical review of the technologies applied and some results of the Theseus project "ChemProspector"

presentation · 8 years ago
by Josef Eiblmaier, Valentina Eigner-Pitto, Hans Kraut, Larisa Isenko, Heinz Saller, Peter Loew (InfoChem)
The research project ChemProspector is based on a sophisticated interaction of several cutting edge technologies in the area of information extraction from documents. Chemical named entity extraction, chemical image recognition, work-up of ChemDraw files and relation mining interact in a concerted action to identify, extract and store Markush structures. This lecture will describe the single components utilized and will demonstrate a series of worked examples. A critical review of the results will be presented. ChemProspector was developed within the framework of THESEUS, currently Germany's largest IT research program which is funded by the German Ministry of Economics and Technology. Download slides