Pearson Education and ChemAxon: Partnership to develop educational MarvinSketch

presentation · 9 years ago
by Jeanne Zalesky, Laura Loiselle, Seann Ives (Pearson Education)

Media & Software Developers from Pearson Education to discuss the integration of ChemAxon’s MarvinSketch, MarvinView and JChem into the online homework, tutorial, and assessment system, MasteringChemistry. Pearson representatives will provide an overview and demonstration of how the integration of ChemAxon’s molecular drawing tool resolves a major educational hurdle for undergraduate science majors and facilitates inquiry and discovery. We will also discuss the technological challenges and how they were addressed throughout the development process, the benefit and impact of usability testing on MarvinSketch design and palette, as well as plans for future projects and usability testing with ChemAxon’s API.

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