Scientific Data Management Platform for Specialty Chemicals R&D - Marvin JS at an Agrochemical company

presentation · 3 years ago
by Gai Anbar (ChemAxon, Comply)
Marvin JS

Skyline is a unique scientific data management platform designed for Specialty Chemicals industrial R&D to manage the complete cycle of product development. The goal of the system is to manage the end-to-end R&D cycle – from conception to Pilot plant manufacturing – covering project management, communications and cross-laboratory workflows, inventory management, experiment planning, samples, result data entry and calculations. Drawing of chemical structures and reactions, calculating chemical properties and searching the Skyline inventory, Skyline historical experiments and external databases are all done using ChemAxon components seamlessly embedded in Skyline. The highly integrated approach of Skyline streamlines and automates the daily work of the R&D labs, promotes operational excellence and considerably reduces time to market.

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