StarDrop: Guiding the selection and design of high quality compounds

presentation · 7 years ago
by Matthew Segall (Optibrium)
Plexus Discovery

StarDrop helps to guide the design and selection of high quality compounds in drug discovery. Unique capabilities, such as the Glowing Molecule™ and Probabilistic Scoring, intuitively combine experimental and predicted data, helping you to quickly focus on compounds with a high chance of success in hit-to-lead and lead optimisation. These are easily accessible in an interactive environment that includes data visualizations such as R-group analysis, matched molecular pair analysis and chemical space. New in version 6.0, StarDrop’s unique Card View™ provides a freeform environment to explore and organise your project data, capturing the relationships between your compounds the way you think about them.

StarDrop’s core capabilities can be supplemented through a suite of optional plug-in modules, including: predictive models for key ADME properties, toxicity and P450 metabolism; automatic QSAR model generation and validation; 3D SAR; and de novo design.

We are partnering with ChemAxon to seamlessly integrate Plexus with StarDrop and link Plexus’ library enumeration and database functionality with StarDrop’s unique capabilities to optimise library designs.

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