Sysment: ELN and Consultancy

presentation · 7 years ago
by Zsolt Skribanek (Sysment)
MarvinSketch JChem Base

Sysment Notebook is a modular, configurable web-based electronic laboratory notebook application. It makes the documents – visible representations of the experiments – generally available via internet browsers with browser independence. The Sysment Notebook Core software is also database independent. It can be used on a variety of database engines from the simplest freeware to the most complex RDBMS (for example: SQLite, Oracle, MSSql, MySql, etc…). Sysment Notebook can be used by organizations of all sizes and can be installed in-house or remotely hosted. ReactionTool is a modular, configurable desktop reaction editor application that can serve as a mini ELN as well. The reactions in ReactionTool are saved into a specific file format, making possible the different reaction elements like normal molecules, proteins, images and additional data (description and calculation table) being stored in a single file. ReactionTool can be used with existing ELN systems. All reaction data can be exported into a corporate database and the feature of creating an RTF representation of the reactions makes it possible to transfer them into ELN experiments or documents.

Our applications are based on modern Microsoft .NET architecture. The data manipulation in the business layer is managed by using the Chemaxon JChem Base, automated calculations are done by ChemAxon Calculator Plugins, while the reaction and molecule editing is done by Marvin .NET API. The protein handling features of the application enrich the chemistry handling with the ability to handle protein data by using the BioChemFusion Proteax software. Both of our products are prepared for additional plug-in modules to handle specific reaction components like biological compartments.

Sysment (Zsolt Skribanek)