The Mobile KinomeĀ 

presentation · 11 years ago
by Steven Muskal (Eidogen-Sertanty)

Kinases are now one of the most intensely pursued classes of drug targets with approximately 30 distinct kinase targets and over 200 kinase inhibitors in clinical development. Keeping up with all published kinase structure activity information is a daunting, but necessary task for all researchers in the field. With the explosive growth of mobile computing environments, including the iPhone, Android-based devices, and the soon to be released iPad, it has become important for scientific software companies to enable technology and content access on these ubiquitous devices. We will present a major enhancement to our previously released iKinase iPhone application. This enhancement enables structure-based searching into our Kinase Knowledgebase on iPhone/iPod/iPad devices using ChemAxon structure-search technology.