The Pistoia Alliance: An Emerging Cross-pharma Collaboration

presentation · 12 years ago
by Ashley George, Debra Igo, Kevin Hebbel, Nick Lynch, Thomas Mueller, Matthias Nolte (Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, AstraZeneca, Novartis, chemITment)

An Open Source initiative known as the Pistoia Partnership has been established to streamline non-competitive elements of the pharmaceutical drug discovery workflow by the specification of common business terms, relationships and processes. Initial focus has been on chemistry, biological screening and sample logistics.

Every pharma company & software vendor is challenged by the technical interconversion, collation and interpretation of drug/agrochemical discovery data, and as such, there is a vast amount of duplication, conversion and testing that could be reduced if a common foundation of data standards, ontologies and web-services could be established within a nonproprietary and non-competitive framework. Such would allow interoperability between a traditionally diverse set of technologies to benefit the healthcare sector.

Through global collaboration, this pragmatic community will derive, instantiate and make available web-services for consumption by Academic institutions, Vendors and Companies under an Open Source framework.

We will describe current progress, learnings and how companies, academics and others can participate in this approach.