Usage of JChem for SharePoint in a global enterprise context

presentation · 5 years ago
by Jens Francke (Bayer)
JChem for SharePoint

The introduction of SharePoint has changed the working environment at Bayer significantly. The exchange of documents, data and information between colleagues has moved from local solutions like e-mail and file shares into a global platform. This change in technology has added new opportunities for our knowledge management but also confronted us with new challenges regarding IP protection.

In the beginning the R&D application landscape was decoupled from the SharePoint world. Exports from R&D applications have been uploaded onto team SharePoints by end users but no technical interfaces were established.

One aspect of our R&D applications, which distinguishes those from other application, is that they support handling of chemical structures. The product JChem for SharePoint integrates chemistry into SharePoint. The software allows our scientists to draw, exchange, store, and most importantly search for chemical structures inside their collaboration environment. For some use cases a SharePoint which is chemically enabled by JChem software becomes an alternative to classical R&D applications.

SharePoint is used by almost every department within the Bayer Group worldwide. The technical platform underneath is highly standardized to provide a stable global solution at such a large scale. The integration of a very specific software component that supports the needs of a specific user group has been quite a challenge. The JChem for SharePoint software adds complexity to the platform regarding operation, maintenance and security.

During the presentation I will give you an insight about the lessons we have learned during our integration of JChem for SharePoint in the global SharePoint platform and about the solution we offer today to our R&D users.

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