What's new for Pipeline Pilot

presentation · 14 years ago
by Szilárd Dóránt, Larry Norder (ChemAxon)
Pipeline Pilot

Pipeline Pilot solutions are based around a powerful client-server platform that lets you construct workflows by graphically combining components for data retrieval, filtering, analysis, and reporting. ChemAxon implemented these functionalities to a number of its products that are described in this presentation as for 2008.

After the introduction of the ChemAxon's product line the presentation starts to give an overview about the products that implemented Pipeline Pilot: Marvin Sketch, Marvin View, the Calculator Plug-ins or Chemical Terms. Among the ChemAxon tools the JChem Base is emphasized as several features and interfaces were added to that. Most of the innovations improved the searching facility of the database manager through concentrated functionality. The next important development the presentation talks about is the canonicalization functionality of the Standardizer that is simple to use but it can handle complex tasks too. The virtual synthesis of the ChemAxon's Reactor was updated with Pipeline Pilot solutions as well to make the tool more effective, flexible, smart and compatible. The Pipeline Pilot was implemented to the Instant JChem as well to create and update databases that can be intuitively searched and analyzed. On the last few slides there's an overview about the plan of the current and future developments, the list of the available components and the ones that are planned to become a component.

2008 SciTegic Pipeline Pilot User Group Meeting, March 5-7, 2008