A Searchable Map of PubChem

publication · 10 years ago
by Lorenz Blum, Jean-Louis Reymond, Ruud van Deursen (University of Berne)
JChem Base
The database PubChem was classified using 42 integer value descriptors of molecular structure, here called molecular quantum numbers (MQNs), which count atoms and bond types, polar groups, and topological features. Principal component analysis of the MQN data set shows that PubChem compounds occupy a partially filled elliptical cone in the (PC1,PC2,PC3) space whose axis is the first principal component PC1 (65% variability) representing molecular size, and the ellipse axes are PC2 (18% variability, representing structural flexibility) and PC3 (7% variability, representing polarity). A visual overview of PubChem is provided by color-coded representations of the (PC2,PC3) plane. The MQNs form a scalar fingerprint which can be used to measure the similarity between pairs of molecules and enable ligand-based virtual screening, as illustrated for the enrichment of bioactives from the DUD data set from PubChem. An MQN-annotated version of PubChem with an MQN-similarity search tool is available at www.gdb.unibe.ch.
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