Quantitative Approaches to Structure-Activity Relationships

publication · 10 years ago
by Han van de Waterbeemd, Sally Rose (QSAR and Modeling Society)
JChem Base Calculator Plugins (logP logD pKa etc...)
This one is the 23rd chapter of the book The Practice of Medicinal Chemistry. Short description of the book: this classic reference is the one-stop-shop for information on the foundations of medicinal chemistry for pharmaceutical researchers who are involved in drug development & discovery but who do not have a background in medicinal chemistry. Wermuth aids pharmaceutical researchers and chemists in making faster, more accurate identifications of the active substances that could potentially treat the disorder they are researching. New chapters on Drug Absorption & Transport give pharmaceutical scientists information on how potential drugs can move through the drug discovery/development phases more quickly. This third edition still stands as the only source for practical aspects of medicinal chemistry by focusing on the daily problems met by the medicinal chemist in drug discovery.
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