RIP MDL information systems. Is this really the beginning of a new era?

publication · 11 years ago
by Wendy Warr (Wendy Warr & Associates)
After the acquisition of MDL Information Systems by Symyx Technologies in October 2007, I interviewed some of the senior management of Symyx to get their views on the positioning of the new company in the cheminformatics market. Some of the responses were submitted in writing, which left me in danger of assembling a generalized PR statement for readers who really would prefer some firm answers to a set of challenging questions. The best solution seemed to be to lay out the responses just as I received them but to add a more down to earth paragraph of my own at the end. I have shortened the answers to some extent (to retain relevance but remove duplication) but I have left the style as is: this is not a learned article and I want readers to get a true feel of Symyx management-speak.
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