JChem for SharePoint - How to install and configure

tutorial · 11 years ago
JChem for SharePoint

Quick guide on how to install and configure JChem for SharePoint in a standard farm environment.

Welcome to the first video of the JChem for SharePoint Installation and Usage series. In the next few minutes, we will show you how to install and configure JChem for SharePoint in a standard farm deployment.
Before actually beginning, please make sure that you have downloaded a copy of the Installation Guide from the ChemAxon SharePoint Publishing Site.
Assuming SharePoint is already installed and configured, the first step is to download and install the pre-requisites listed in the Installation Guide.
Download the JChem for SharePoint installer. Run it and install it choosing either default or custom installation.
Run the SharePoint Configuration Wizard.
This step ensures that all the JChem for SharePoint services are installed in the farm on a fresh server or upgrades the exsting functionality, following a major release.
This might take a while...
Finished! If you want to install JChem for SharePoint on multiple servers in the farm to benefit from the load-balancing, you must follow the exact same steps on each of the servers.
The configuration section is about to start in Central Administration, but first you need to decide if you want to configure the farm yourself or you want to let SharePoint do it for you.
We are going to do the configuration manually. Navigate to System Settings | Manage Services on server to start the JChem service.
Repeate this step for every server in the farm where you have previously installed JChem for SharePoint.
Now let's create a new JChem Service Application to provide access endpoints to the service.
Done. Up next comes the database setup. This step will create a custom database which serves the JChem service.
The recommened setting is to choose a SQL server joined in the farm, to avoid access related issues.
Choose a friendly name for the database and press OK.
The next step is to configure the default JChem calculation plugin and this means uploading a valid JChem license file (check with the ChemAxon Sales Department if you don't have one yet).
The Marvin Applet location is set by default. Check the Installation Guide if you want to retrieve the Marvin Applet from a different source.
Finally, let's configure the web applications where JChem for SharePoint is going to be used.
This step makes a couple of web.config modification changes which allows JChem for SharePoint to work properly.
Now access your site collections and activate the JChem for SharePoint features, if they're not already active.
That's it. JChem for SharePoint is ready to let you combine powerfull chemical redering and computation with all the complex collaboration features offerd by SharePoint.
Check out the next videos to find out how to use the JChem for SharePoint features.